The January Challenge 2020

The January Challenge 2020, Day 11- Bring the Outside In

Today’s challenge is set by Amy Lord, who invites you to get creative with the great outdoors…

“As I work from home a lot I’ve found that getting outside really helps my creativity, productivity and mental wellbeing but in January I often need an excuse to brave the
grey-ness outside! This challenge is about providing that excuse…”

Take 5 minutes outside and use what you find in that time to create with. You could choose a blade of grass to show off in a sketched frame, decorate a table top with fallen twigs, berries and moss, or collage pieces of litter into a pattern. You could take a photo of your surroundings, or write a poem inspired by what you see.

Give it a go and see what you can create…

“Here’s an example of winter wreath ring I’ve made to put on the wall until Spring comes.

It’s made from ivy vine, berries and some twine.” Amy Lord

Find details on Amy’s national bookmaking and story documenting project
‘The Story of You and Me’ here

If you have more time … 
Think about whether your creation could be made into something permanent. Is it possible to preserve it? Or is it better that it’s temporary?

How did the challenge change the way you looked at the world outside? Do you see things differently when you’re looking for objects to turn into art?


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