The January Challenge 2019

The January Challenge, Day 2 – Thumbs Up

No two people are the same – and neither are their fingerprints! Today’s challenge is a celebration of our individuality as people, and our commonality as artists. (It’s also really fun…) 

Create fingerprint people! Find a material to use (paint, ink, coffee….get your thinking cap on!), then print your fingers into it and onto some paper. Add features to the prints to create little characters and expressions! 

If you have more time:

Who is your inspiration? Challenge yourself to create a fingerprint portrait of someone around you, and share it with them. 


How did you approach this challenge? Who did you create and why? How did you find the process? 


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Here are Jemima’s Fingerprint People! She used paint, but is going to use coffee for her second attempt today.

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