The January Challenge 2018

9th January 2018 – Day Nine – Dancing Artists

Woo hoo! It’s officially Tuesday which means we are one day closer to the weekend… so it’s time to get pumped for it!


We can’t resist programming this challenge EVERY year. Put on your favourite song of all time and dance. Dance like nobody’s watching, move your body and enjoy the song. You deserve some time to let loose! In the morning in your kitchen, in the evening with family or friends or even in the loo with your headphones in at work or school!


How did you feel before and after dancing to your favourite song? Did it inspire you to do something else after?


We’d love to see your dance moves, or even know what song you picked in the end.

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Get someone else to dance with you – a friend, a colleague, a whole group, your family members – spread the fun whilst enjoying your favourite music.