The January Challenge 2018

8th January 2018 – Day Eight – Breaking news… My Life

We can’t believe it’s the second week of the January Challenge… well done for staying with us this far! Lets try something different today.


What is your day to day life like? Pretend you’re a news reporter and report on your day. It can be a video of you telling us what you’re getting up to today, a cooking show for when you’re making your dinner, a newspaper article with key headlines for the day or just a series of photos. If you do choose to do a video report you don’t have to show your face – we just want to see what everyone is getting up to today!


Did your day turn out differently than you expected it to? Did you feel comfortable filming your every day life?


Show us your day!

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Create a report at the end of the day, how is your day different to when you started it? Did you complete the tasks you set out to do? Did it turn out to be completely different than expected?