The January Challenge 2018

6th January 2018 – Day Six – Soundtrack of my day

So it’s the 6th day of the challenge and we want to start it right. This one is all about what you listen to!


Choose a soundtrack for your day. It can be upbeat music that makes you feel good, or chilled out music that zens you out completely – whatever you need today. It can be one single song that will be your theme tune, a whole album or selection of tracks, a radio channel, or someone else’s voice – anything that you can listen to. It can be one, or 20, there’s no limit here to your soundtrack.


What other days do you think you’ll listen to this soundtrack? How did your day go listening to your soundtrack? How did the songs make you feel?


Share your sounds with us

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Pick an album cover for your soundtrack, it can be art you create, or an image in your gallery that really captures your soundtrack and how you want your day to go.