The January Challenge 2018

5th January 2018 – Day Five – 100 Years Later


Times are changing…it’s weird to think how different today is compared to last year, last month, even last week so how about in 100 years… how different will things will be then?


Capture or find on your phone (or in an album) an image or a series of images that you’d want to put into a time capsule – so people in 100 years can have a look and see how life was like back in 2017 or 18. They might be specific to your life, or life on earth in general. If you don’t have a camera or photos to hand, you could always draw an image instead.


Why do you think the images or objects you have chosen really represent 2018? How different do you think your life would be without your chosen objects or the scenarios in the images?


Share your time capsules with us – we’d love to see what achievement you want to celebrate

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Find an object (or more) that you’d like to put in the time capsule that also captures life in 2018.