The January Challenge 2018

1st January 2018 – Day One – Self Awards


Welcome to Day 1 of #TheJanuaryChallenge.

The first of a 31 day journey where you’ll discover, create, share and have some fun. What better way to kickstart the New Year and #TheJanuaryChallenge than to think about what you’d like to achieve in 2018.


Imagine you’re attending the Oscars and create yourself a trophy (or certificate) you’d like to be presented with by the end of this year… it can be anything! How about a “Never hitting the snooze button” certificate? Or a ‘Best friend ever’ Cup? Or even Employee of the Month?! Whatever it is, make it personal to your achievement.


Are there any initial obstacles that might stop you from getting to your goal? If so, how might you overcome these? Why did you pick that specific thing? Why is it important?


Share your trophies with us – we’d love to see what achievement you want to celebrate

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Why not make a trophy or certificate to congratulate yourself on 2017’s sucesses? What did you achieve that you were proud of? Or make some certificates for friends or family.