The January Challenge 2018

16th January 2018 – Day Sixteen – Story Time

Everyone is good at making up stories, but can you make one up on the spot?

15th January 2018 – Day Fifteen – Draw on Everything

Let’s get back to basics today… drawing… but with an added twist!

14th January 2018 – Day Fourteen – Sink or Swim

Welcome to day 14!

13th January 2018 – Day Thirteen – Body Music

Let’s hear your music skills today… don’t have an instrument?

12th January 2018 – Day Twelve – Our Poem

Poetry is fun, poetry is fine, poetry is amazing when someone else finishes the last line!

11th January 2018 – Day Eleven – New year, new me

  Since it’s the first month of the year, we thought it would be the perfect time to do something new… DO Today’s challenge is to try something new.

10th January 2018 – Day Ten – Paper Party

  For today’s challenge you’re going to need one single piece of paper… that’s it.

9th January 2018 – Day Nine – Dancing Artists

Woo hoo!

8th January 2018 – Day Eight – Breaking news… My Life

We can’t believe it’s the second week of the January Challenge… well done for staying with us this far!

7th January 2018 – Day Seven – Just a Jumper

  Day 7… We all have a sense of style.