The Generation Games, Day 4 - Head in the Clouds

Whether it’s grey or bright where you are, unless you’re off on your Spanish hols it’s likely you’ll see some clouds in the sky today. We all know every cloud has a silver lining, and today’s is that they’re fun to play with. Have a go at this today:

Look up to the clouds and see what shapes you can see. Is there a rabbit being chased by a carrot monster? Or a huge elephant sitting on a balloon? If you’re together share your stories with each other and show each other what you can spot. If you’re apart take pictures and share them with each other – do you see the same things? Or have you got totally different stories to go along with the shapes?

If you have a bit more time…
Why don’t your try drawing the clouds? Or maybe drawing the things that you see?

What did you discover about your imaginations? Were they different or similar? How often do you spend time looking at the clouds?

Show us some pictures of your clouds and let us know what you see. You can share on here and/or on your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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