The Generation Games, Day 31 - Congratulations!

Well done for reaching the final day of The Generation Games!

We’ve had champion spoon balancers, budding poets, up and coming quiz masters, promising news reporters, super story tellers, joke tellers, hand shakers, cocktail makers. We’ve had secret agents, scientists, superheroes too. We’ve seen it all thanks to you! You are an everyday artist – you have completed The Generation Games challenge!

To mark the last day and end with an all round congratulations, we – for the last time this August – are asking you to…

Make an award for your partner’s talent. It could be a badge, a rosette, a certificate…What have they championed this month? You could relate it to a challenge or it could be a more general talent, quality or quirk. Think big or small. Spend some time congratulating them with an original ‘well done’, an innovative pat on the back, a creative high five! If you’re not working with anyone in particular we think you should create one for yourself!

If you have a bit more time…
Get together a few friends or family and present your partner their award. Have some fun sharing your Generation Games journey.

Did you enjoy The Generation Games? What was your favourite challenge? Have you learnt anything new about yourself?

Share your awards with us! We’d love to see your final contributions to The Generation Games. You can share on here and/or on your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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