twirlygirly2002 via instagram

#weekendcatchup I get so busy with the kids on the weekend that I missed two days OOPS!! Anyway here we are – my world map. I didn’t think I had as many friends and family around the globe as I do. Aunt in Gran Canaria, sister in law out in Georgia (the country) and friends so close they’re family out in Georgia USA! Its crazy to think how quickly YOUR world expands and suddenly THE world doesn’t feel so big anymore!

What’s great is that the Cornish’s of the world have united on Facebook with our own group – Cornish Around The Globe. You can be a member providing your name is Cornish. We have FAMILY everywhere and are working hard to figure out how we all link! The Caribbean branch of our family even sort out world family reunions – one day I hope to get out and meet them ❤️
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