Kathy Gill

Today’s challenge made me reminisce with my husband about the wonderful holidays we had in Switzerland, camping in our tent just on the edge of the Eiger. One day we sat in a meadow full of wild flowers, watching the antics of Alpine conches, who appeared to be having great fun leaping off a large cliff face and catching a thermal so that the soared upwards without a flap of the wing, to circle high above.

Cory the Alpine Conch Fledgling’s Story.
“O, I am sure I can do it, I can , I can. Just look at them leaping off the edge, falling down, and then suddenly reappearing, shooting upwards as if sucked into the sky by a giant invisible being. I am sure I can do it, but it is a very long way down, much much further than when I first hopped out of the nest last week. What happens if I never stop falling?
“Oh there goes my big brother, he has gone over the edge, oh why is he not reappearing? Oh dear…… Ohh there he is, up and around and around, so high he is a speck. Now I must jump, over I go, down, down, down, help! Wow, I am going up, no need to flap, higher than our tree, higher and higher, I can see another mountain, covered in snow behind our mountain. Oh I love this, it is so quiet, so beautiful, I want to stay here forever.”