The Generation Games, Day 6 - Silver Sunday - Friendship Cards

Today’s challenge is set by a brilliant guest organisation – Silver Sunday.

Silver Sunday is a day in the national calendar, the first Sunday in October, when we ask the nation to pause and think about older people and celebrate their contribution to society. It also presents an opportunity to bring generations together!

This year Silver Sunday takes place on 1 October 2017 and there will be lots of great free events to attend. Today being National Friendship day and exactly 3 months until the big day, Silver Sunday would like you to…

Make a friendship card for each other. Could it be a thank you card? A card to invite each other to tea? How about a 10 reasons why you think they’re great card? Be inspired by what friendship means to you. Swap with your friend or relative or send it in the post! If you’re not playing in a team – send to your favourite younger or older person. Let’s celebrate each other today.

If you have a bit more time…
Make something to go in the card. Maybe you could write a friendship poem to slot in or a fun friendship bracelet made from string?

How did you feel sending or receiving your card? Did the challenge make you appreciate each other more?

Share a picture of your cards with us. It could be a photo of the front, or even just a few thoughts about how you felt making the card. You can share on here and/or on your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

You can tag #TheGenerationGames and share with Silver Sunday and us on:
T: @64M_Artists