Carine - Farham Fun Palace

Taniwha Thames is one of the first shows I watched after I moved to England and it has stayed with me since. I went to the show with an English friend of mine, Grant, who had just spent some months in South Africa and was trying to make a new start in life. Taniwha Thames asked: what do you call home? The show was splendid and bittersweet for us as we had left one home and were trying to make a new one. This was over six years ago and I am not sure I have found an answer. Or rather I think I call home several places: the ‘home’ where I grew up and that no longer exists because it was 40 years ago. The ‘home’ I made in my 20s with all the first times. The ‘home’ I’ve been making since I moved to England just under 10 years ago. So I guess what I call home is the sum of all my previous homes and the ones to come and it’s a constant work in progress. It is movable,permeable and expandable.