Suzanne Allcock via facebook

Weekly challenge, my online self. My online self has been mostly to do with my craft and Rugby. I tend to keep other stuff quiet, mainly because I if in real life if I don’t know someone that is exactly what I would do until I knew them better. Online I may never know people better, I don’t want to say something that upsets them and I don’t want to have to think too deeply about their thoughts or opinions that may be upsetting for me. So a small wall.

I don’t draw but the photo is the face I present to the online world.

My business Blue Owl Crafts (BlueOwlCraftsUK on Etsy)
My Tigers Rugby supporting self….try to capture the action and also I do post on Tigers fb page……gently.
And if I find something I like on my daily walk like this butterfly I post it on Instagram, which is my business account, but a nice picture is a nice picture