Suzanne Allcock via facebook

So this week it was about rebranding Britishness. I love Great Britain and having lived elsewhere sometimes think we take for granted the freedoms we have and that we extend to others. So not just one image but a collage.

The entire British Isles are beautiful.
Our values are sound and based on our history, and I along with the vast majority of the British people uphold them. Our patriotism includes robust challenge to regimes, domestic or foreign that seems to conflict with these values
Our humour may not be well understood but it is legendary, our satire notorious…we can take the p*** out of ourselves.
And for a very small country we have had a big impact on arts, culture and sport.

And importantly for me, if you are a bit different, an individual who sometimes tugs in the opposite direction or just a bit of an eccentric…there is space and tolerance to do your thing.

Today I will wear the rose, but as this is Rugby I will also applaud the French side when they play well. Although my fingers will be crossed for a glorious English Victory. BTW Scotland played beautifully last week and hope they do the same today.