Suzanne Allcock via facebook

Day 21 Take a seat

Today is a match day, so my seat is 154, a seat I have been taking for the past few years as a season ticket holder. I sit next to other season ticket holders who have here as long or longer than I have. It’s a bit different today because I have bought my Mum and my Partner to the match as well. So we are playing Racing92, their fans have bought drums and are in full voice. Our supporters use the silences between the beat of the drums….Tiiggeerrrrrsssss….in a battle of song to try and drown them out. Hot dogs, nachos, the inevitable meat pies and beer fragrance the air, only very briefly as it is blowing a snow storm and very cold. My thoughts are a bit unorganised. I think about how we may play, we haven’t been doing very well lately. I wonder whether it’s too cold for my Mum, I think about my Dad at home who couldn’t make the match as he is unwell. But then we kick off and my thoughts are with the players, willing them on.

We lost again, but only marginally. And the snow turned to rain.