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#64millionartist #January challenge day 16.
Short story
Love is a fickle mistress …we watched her and her male companion run back and forth facing the dangers without a from their compounds abandoned joy on their faces oh such a fun son watched in horror as the drama unfolded his heart skipped a beat..he put on his hero cape and ran to try to save the disaster from happening he called he whistled then the gorgeous female looked his way and ran to him..she forgot her male love she forgot they were bonded she jumped into the arms of her new son fell in love with her hugged her kisses were exchanged in abundant..
I watched from the window …I knew she couldn’t stay ..i knew she had a different hero looking for her to come home…but my heart swelled with love as I watched the first steps of love begin…yes love is a fickle mistress and so is that of a stray run away dog….

This dog running on main road yesterday stole our hearts we were sad we couldn’t find her mate…