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Regardless of how you feel about my ongoing #100crapfaces challenge – it is done! I first heard about the challenge via the awesome people at @64millionartists in collaboration with @stevexoh. After my initial foray into crap-face drawing, I won Steve’s book 100 Crap Faces. The challenge is to intentionally draw “crap faces” – faces which are not good, an experiment to get people to stretch their artistic abilities and have some fun. That I did! After starting the year with a #creativesprint, I realized I could keep going toward a year of #makesomething365 and picked up the book. This week, it was “wonky for the win” in which a set of faces drawn on request pushed me over the finish line. Total faces drawn to date: 295. 194 – Not Crap. 101 – certifiably Crap! Although I will now stop saying the word “crap” all the time, I would encourage anyone else to try this – just a few, if not 100. I had a great time with this undertaking and also enjoyed that so many people would talk to me about it It definitely pushed me to draw a lot and I found that even the bad ones made me or someone else laugh. I also found there is a whole world of crappy undertakings out there. Seriously, try the 100crap… hashtag and you’ll see what I mean. If you set out to make 100 crappy somethings, you will probably make something decent along the way. Try it! If you’d like to try this experiment, please let me know. I’m happy to comment and promise to be nice A shout-out to my core crap crew for consistently giving me feedback along the way! #faces #64millionartists #doodles #drawing #creative #acreativechallengeforhumanbeings #stevexoh #rhodereads #10onthe10th