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Today’s challenge for #creativesprint is to make a mask and *bonus* wear it in public and you know I’m up for that. Unfortunately there’s a Nor’easter on and I have another Halloween party to get ready for tonight. What to do?! Solution: make a crap-face mask! Please see my crappy mask and the book I won for drawing crap faces! Now I have to draw of them. Want to join in? I participated in a #64millionartists experiment / challenge … to intentionally draw “crap faces” – faces which are not good. I would love to see others join in the challenge – share your faces, I’ll weigh in! It’s an experiment by artist @stevexoh (author of the book shown, 100 Crap Faces) to get people to stretch their artistic abilities and have some fun. Join us and share your crappy drawing! And note I did wear my mask in public #100crapfaces #doodles #drawing #creative #acreativechallengeforhumanbeings