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Monday mood on a Tuesday night. Yesterday I participated in a #64millionartists experiment / challenge … to intentionally draw “crap faces” – faces which are not good. Several kind and honest souls took the time to review and vote on the result, designating my output as Crap and/or Not Crap. Now, here for their and your viewing pleasure are the results. Top image was a unanimous vote-getter as Not Crap. Swipe to see the runner-up images also deemed Not Crappy. Lastly, you’ll see my top crappiest drawing. It’s an experiment by artist @stevexoh (author of the new book 100 Crap Faces) to get people to stretch their artistic abilities and have some fun. Join in or send me your crappy drawing if you wish! This experiment made me laugh and I appreciate that people were willing to grade me on the Crap-o-Meter scale, quite decisively, in fact. Also, disclaimer: I have probably now used the word “crap” more times in the last 24 hours than I have in my life! Not my typical vernacular. #100crapfaces #doodles #drawing #creative