Reena Mistry via facebook

Day 17- Feels

I haven’t seen daylight today. It was dark and icy when I left this morning; it was dark and damp when I returned from work tonight. I’ve picked up a wonderful winter lurgy too but I just grin and beared it, whilst surrounded by everyone else’s germs and cracked on with what needed to be done.

I miss the colour, my friends, the warmth of the never-ending summers, the omnipresent joy and the relaxed pace of my time in Colombia. Despite coming home just over three weeks ago, i’m still struggling to re-adjust and find my place here. I took this photo of the night sky on my phone, then used a filter in the Hipstamatic app, which produced a faint pink and green aurora borealis-like image above the cloud. I feel like that lonely cloud, looking up and reaching out through the darkness to grasp that fading wonder.