Petra Rohde via facebook

Day 21 – Take a seat

Today is the day where I decided to be a bit more gentle with myself. To allow myself to be a bit more flexible when it comes to my January goals.
Being out there for my daily fresh air time? It is so calming to watch the snowflakes settling in the garden. Maybe later.
#64millionArtists #TheJanuaryChallenge? Exactly what I need today. To take a seat, a break, a breath. How did you know?
Going to my once-a-month MovingLab, a dance event? Not this time. I’d rather focus on life management and self care today. Reach out to friends and family. Complete some small pieces of work I promised somebody. Ensure I am not stressed out by all the cultural stuff I want to do.
Instead, while watching the snow melt as it touches ground, I tune in to my body. My heart. My inner child. What do you need right now?
They cheer, happy to have my attention again after an intense week. Yes, they say, do some work. Remember to take breaks. Cook. Eat well. Feel free to stay in your PJs. Take a bath. Celebrate what you accomplish.
And I am listening…