Katherine - Our Memory Lanes

My perfect day.

I’m a Spring and Autumn fan. I love the wind, rain, bursts of sunshine and all the smells that go with those seasons. I’m also very happy being on my own, so part o a perfect day would be outside, walking the dogs somewhere peaceful and full of nature. If I can do that every now and again it recharges my batteries and I’m ready to go again.

Sometimes when I meet people who now need a lot of support, I wonder whether they have full control over how much space and time they have for themselves. I know I would hate being encouraged to do group activities all the time, having to sit with a television or a radio on full blast all day or being cooped up inside. Being outdoor in the elements brings me back to life – central heating makes me want to sleep all day! That’s just one reason why I developed A Book of Me, because it’s so important to get those things down somewhere for anyone supporting you in the future to read, understand and respect.