michelle.kay.daily via instagram

CELEBRATE !!! Response to @64millionartists weekly challenge to find moments of celebration throughout the day. I held this prompt lightly and waited until something came together visually for it. I found the kewpie doll while walking home from a work dinner to a train station – a street that I don’t think I have ever walked down before. I bought the diamonties at Scrap Portland reuse store when I was visiting with @papertigerstudio and came across them while hanging out in my drawing spot today. #64millionartists #celebrate #kewpie #diamontes #michellekayartist documenting creative practice @michelle.kay.creates, 365 project @michelle.kay.daily, experimental drawing @michelle.kay.draws and moments captured @michelle.kay.explores, one post each per day, all images and art created by me unless otherwise acknowledged.