michelle.genders via instagram

Create a magic potion #thejanuarychallenge #64millionartists (still in progress) According to wikihow when casting a spell you begin by stating your intention and considering the cycle of the moon. The moon is currently in waxing gibbous which is a good time for ‘letting go’ spells and that is good because that has been my mantra lately. When I read the prompt I immediately thought of the paper that I’d prepared with purple paint recently. I considered other more elaborate options but decided to go with my instinct to use this paper. I divided into 8 circles because there are 8 phases of the moon. I continued on with the steps for spell casting including repeating the manta and visualising the outcome while drawing. After a short amount of time a massive thunderstorm rolled in! I went outside with the paper and caught some raindrops so now the drawing/spell is infused with the energy of the storm. Then I continued to draw while holding the energy of the thunderstorm in my mind.  I’ll post another pic of it once it’s finished.