michelle.genders via instagram

Be inspired by a favourite quote #thejanuarychallenge #64millionartists KEEP YOUR MIND OPEN (now complete) is the way that host Erik Davis always ends one of my favourite podcasts called ‘Expanding Mind’. Note that the title is ‘mind’ rather than ‘mindS’ which I like because that way it refers to the idea of the collective unconscious and the question of whether or not we have a differentiated self. For the record I do think we are each a separate entity, with its own particular energy, and that energy stays with us for at least the entirety of this life and possibly beyond, and that all of the smaller energies fit together into an greater energy. What then is the boundary between small self and the big Self or of your own mind and the collective Mind? Big questions. Maybe too big to try type in this tiny text. Regardless of what my thoughts on it are, the universe is what it is. #keepyourmindopen #expandingmind