michelle.genders via instagram

I have a challenge for you all if you are willing to accept it ?! … Earlier this week I posted my first attempt at blackout poetry with text for #thejanuarychallenge #64millionartists but I have done quite a lot of blackout poetry with images in the past. Why don’t you give it a try? I’d love to see it so make sure you post it and tag me As with blackout using text, I think there is is so much potential in blackout of images. It’s good for you and society to respond in creative ways rather than just consume all that is being throw at us. This pic is of one that I did in 2016 during my first 365 days of daily making (many of the posts are still up @365stickynotes which I used before consolidating my accounts) and I have slowly been letting go of them by leaving them in library books when I take them back. #blackoutpoetry #newspaperblackout  #tbt