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Be inspired by a favourite quote #thejanuarychallenge #64millionartists KEEP YOUR MINDS OPEN (still in progress) is the way that host Erik Davis always ends one of my favourite podcasts called ‘Expanding Mind’. Note that it is ‘mind’ rather than ‘mindS’ which I like because that way it refers to the idea of the collective unconscious and the question of whether or not we have a differentiated self. Erik interviews people who study a diverse range of topics including art, music, literature, neuroscience, ecology, politics, spirituality etc. The conversation always inspires to learn more – both in an academic and practical sense – and indeed to continue on with ever opening that mind, something that I always try to practice doing. Are there any other Erik fans out there? If you’re interested to listen it should come up in a search engine or your podcast app #keepyourmindopen #expandingmind