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Try some blackout poetry #thejanuarychallenge #64millionartists. Two firsts for me for this one. I’ve never read the financial section of the paper before. If the financial news is on the TV in background then this is probably what is filtering through into my mind! This was also my first time doing blackout poetry with text. I have done quite a lot of blacking out of images (many are still up on the account that I used for my first 365 of daily making @365stickynotes). Are you one who partakes in blackout poetry? Here is some info on its history “@austinkleon traces the evolving history of blackout poetry back 250 years, to a man named Caleb Whiteford who published a broadsheet of found poetry and puns he’d collected from some of the first-ever print newspapers. According to Kleon’s research, blackout poetry then made its way to a Parisian avant-garde poet named Tristan Tzara; a painter named Brion Gysin; American Beat writer William S. Burroughs; contemporary writer Tom Phillips, whose form of blackout poetry is called “humument”; and finally to Kleon himself, who began creating his own blackout poetry as a cure for writer’s block.” from Bustle.com #blackoutpoetry #newspaperblackout