michelle.genders via instagram

An advertisement for something you are passionate about #thejanuarychallenge #64millionartists #sydneycollegeofthearts Thing is that I passionately hate advertising so this is anti advertisment. I hate that all available space in the world (including the virtual) is colonised with unignorable images that put us in a constant state of lack and insecurity so we buy things that we don’t need. I hate that there are advertisements that obscure the windows of the bus that I’m currently sitting on. I’d just like some blank walls to space out on Having said that, this particular walls does represent something that I’m passionate about. This is a wall at the art school Sydney College of the Arts where I completed my Bachelor of Visual Art. This was taken at an exhibition late last year which is probably one of the last exhibitions that will be held on the College’s current campus. The current campus is a photogenic heritage building that used to be a mental asylum. As of this year, the art department will be moved to a much smaller campus meaning there will be considerably less resources, teachers and students. One step towards closing down, it will be a shadow of its former self. I’m passionate that courses that develop creative and critical thinking, as well as particular skills like metal and glass work, should be well resourced and accessed by people from lots of different backgrounds. I’m sad to see this further degradation of tertiary education in Australia and grieve for the place where I learnt so much.