michelle.genders via instagram

Draw with your non dominant hand #thejanuarychallenge #64millionartists #gold. Still in progress but it was really frustrating for me to draw with my left hand so I’m taking a break for a bit. There were a few moments of clarity where things seemed to fall into place and it flowed and the lines were going down with ease. There were just a few times where I gave in and switched back to my right hand because I couldn’t stand it any longer! But then I forced myself to put back in my left hand for the sake of the challenge but also because I know that the only way for it to get easier is to keep going with it. Also I liked the energy of the marks made by my left hand compared to with the right hand which can be so easily perfected. I’d like to persevere and finish the whole page and that will take some time. I have also never tried this scratching foil stuff before and deliberately sort out a situation that was a but unfamiliar to my right hand to begin with. I tried out a few implements that were lying around such as a screw and a bamboo sticks before finding that a small drill was the best available.