michelle.genders via instagram

Now complete! The in progess drawing included last week for What is your day to day life like? 3 of 5 #thejanuarychallenge #64millionartists #trainjourney  This design was for in response to the prompt ‘circles’ for the ‘Mindful drawing challenge’ #stoplookbreathecreate @artofmindfulness which I’m looking to do after the current challenge. The prompts look right up my alley. It had me at ‘circles’ – yeah – sign me up! given that I’m already attentive to circles because of my #circleproject. The other prompts look like they will be a good way to extend on my contemplative drawing practice #drawingyourownpath, as well as a contemplation in a more general sense. I’ve been thinking about the line between different contemplative practices for eg drawing, writing, meditation, yoga, singing. Or maybe there should be no lines drawn and it can simply be called it a contemplative life.