Lynda Hall via facebook

#day16. Krystal the Snow Chicks Night Out

It was a dark snowy night and Krystal was flying in her Snowdrone looking for a spot to land. She shone her ice blue search lights on the snowy back gardens of number 10 Frosty Gardens in the cold Northeast of England, the ideal place to spend the night. Krystal picked the best spot to use the dronebeam to beam herself down.
There were magical places to visit in the Northeast, using her magic beads she had searchedand found the frozen images of this fabulous place. With her favourite cocktail Coldblueicicle in hand complete with umbrella she switched the beads on, woosh her night out went into overdrive. The Angel of the North was her first image, the Tyne Bridge was next, followed by Tynemouth Priory what an experience, she felt the Coldblueicicle cocktailworking its magic and she was looking for some excitement she flicked through the images she had stored, aha she thought, the casino, the ideal place to spend some time, carried away with all the gambling she forgot about the time. Quickly activating the beads she was once again back in the garden, happy but tired she fell asleep never to wake again.