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I’ve missed the last couple of days as I’ve been quite overwhelmed with work and had a 12pm deadline today that meant I worked from around 4pm yesterday until past midnight last night and started work again today. I hit the deadline, but lack of sleep has made me tense and anxious and I was struggling to think of good news.

I then reflected properly – I went to visit my friend today who I found out late last night has been in hospital since Thursday, she’s had a big health scare, but is being amazingly positive under the circumstances and so I just considered the fact “We are here” and to be grateful for this. She’s helped me out so many times in the last 14 years despite all the irritations of the day I’m incredibly thankful to spend my lunch with her and will not take that moment for granted.
Day 20 – Good News Day

Brilliant things happen to brilliant people all around the world, every day. Today’s challenge invites you to celebrate the good news- and remember the little things, the big things and the things in between.

Rewrite the day’s news. What headlines do you want to see today? What stories do you want to share with the world?
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