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I decided to combine my 2 January challenges today, both this one and #redjanuary and having run for 14 years and found how beneficial it is to both my mental and physical health…I’ve decided to write a letter…well blog to earlier me about things I’ve learned whilst running that it would have been useful for me to know about.
I also sketched some diagrams of the bits of my body that are usually niggled by running! (this took about 4 hours in total….so much for 10 minutes a day – lol!) Day 1 – “Pen to Paper”

The second week of 2019 is coming to an end. How did your week go? What are you thinking about, and who do you want to tell? Today we challenge you to reach out to someone, and tell them something you’d like to share…whatever that might be!

Put pen to paper, and write a letter. Write something down that you’ve been meaning to say to someone. Will you send your letter?

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