Liz Perry via facebook

Day 16 – story time inspired by an unsuspecting neighbour walking past the window.
A big cloud masks the sun, the room is plunged into darkness, wind moans and whistles round the walls of the house.
She stares out of the window and watches the slanting rain and the swaying bamboo and closed shutters of the new build opposite.
A crack in the clouds throws a strange light onto the scene making it look like a stage set and in that moment, she glimpses a woman staring back at her from the lane. Wild red hair held down with a cap, pale wrinkled skin, long dark nails, all accentuated in the strange light. She has a moment of recognition but then it’s gone as the crack in the clouds closes up and the rain falls even faster.
Unable to settle, she feels impelled to investigate and despite the rain, she hurries into the hall and out of the front door. The rain hits her face like icy pin pricks as she runs against the wind, across the gravelled drive and on to the lane. The rain seeps through her clothes and she can see nothing but swaying shadowy bushes. She looks along the muddy lane and then something catches her eye. What’s that gleaming next to the puddle…….