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Taking part in this year’s @64millionartists January Challenge. Day 28: Nowhere Like Home

I grew up in the same house in Maidenhead my mum still lives in. It’s a Tory stronghold and our Glorious Leader’s seat (I remember her being interviewed outside my junior school, mostly because I had never seen leopard print stilettos before). After she became PM the town was the subject of a somewhat confusing article in @theeconomist that highlighted the diverse groups of people and income levels but also then blanketed the town in a sense of blandness that read like the writer had never been there.

Here’s my pitch for Maidenhead, with a slogan stolen wholesale from my right-on, lefty Mum:

MAIDENHEAD – More Than May – A rich range of different types of people live there. I went to school with loads of kids from Bangladeshi and Pakistani families and we happily shopped for incredible foods at the Italian deli run by the same family since the 1960s that was recommended by @cookcarluccio in his early books). Later, a large Polish population also grew. – When we went on RE trips in Year Two (so, 25+ years ago) my class visited two different types of church, a Sikh temple, a mosque and a synagogue, all within walking distance. – The town has a long and interesting history connected to the river; first as a crossing point in medieval times. Later, the railway bridge was painted by Turner and you can see the painting, with its tiny hare trying to outrun a locomotive, in @national_gallery – It was *the* fashionable and somewhat racy place to be seen in Edwardian times and in the Sixties Skindles nightclub hosting the great, good, and seedy of the day. – There are pretty parks throughout the town and beautiful countryside just outside. – Even now, with the high street struggling, there is a new, thriving fruit and vegetable market and efforts being made to entice new shops and business into the empty storefronts.
Hurray for Maidenhead!

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