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Taking part in this year’s @64millionartists January Challenge. Day 16: Story time.

Today’s challenge was to write a story about a person or occurrence from your day. Can you guess what I did with my workshop participants earlier?

Text reads: J stared at his teacher, Miss K. She was surely quite mental, asking them to paint with vegetables? J looked doubtfully down at the palette, glistening with squishy piles of colour. Then, a side-eye over to the stack of greenery she had chucked in the middle of the table. Gingerly selecting a broccoli floret, he dabbed at the sheet of sugar paper, surprised by the speckled pattern that resulted. After a while, he and his classmates were, against their better judgement, rolling carrots in pigment and stamping peppers onto the outlines of mushrooms. J would have died rather than admit it, but he loved the way the paints mingled, red into purple into white into…he didn’t know what that little patch of old lady colour was called but it reminded him of a scent he couldn’t track down either. He sat, feeling a growing sense of comfort and unhappiness together, before dipping one finger into the lavender and adding a single drop top left, above the flowers created by cut-up okra ends. That was enough. That made it perfect.

Credit for additional lavender prompt to @theamorousman and shout out to @lcyptrs who likes it when I write things.
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