katherinemaryhill via instagram

Today’s task for #thejanuarychallenge was to invent a new game. We play a lot of board games and I couldn’t possibly attempt to think one up… but I have attempted to re- imagine Monopoly – for Makers. I’ve replaced the train stations with online sales channels (etsy, folksy, ebay and big cartel) and the utilities with social media (fb & IG). The properties have all become places where you might sell your work. Rent would be replaced by stall fees/commission and jail has become a “creative block”. The salary would remain at a very realistic 200 pounds! I don’t have time to physically make Chance and Community Chest cards but I’m imagining things like “Shad*wbanned by instagram – go back 3 places” and “Your dog dies – move directly to creative block. Do not pass Go. Do not collect 200 pounds”. Please feel free to chip in with suggestions for more cards – it’s a fertile area and I don’t feel I’ve explored it fully
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