Katherine Ashby via facebook

Once upon a time, cause that’s how all fairy tales start……

A peasent fell in love with a Lord, she enjoyed adventures and like a bird liked to be free but have a safe nest to come home too. He liked to watch the pennies and stay in their castle and avoid making any adult decisions. He stopped her having adventures and the castle became a cage. Naturally it didn’t work and the Lord left the peasent in the castle and returned to his royal family. To begin with the peasent was heartbroken, but with her peasent friends she started having adventures again. She took up new hobbies and became an archer, she made new friends and met a fellow archer, her soul mate, and fell in love all over again, deeper and deeper. The archer loved her free spirit and they went on lots of adventures and even if he didn’t want to share the adventure, he let her spread her wings and kept the nest safe for her to come to.

And they lived happily ever after. X