Kate Gamble via facebook

Day 21 #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists

Take a seat

Not sitting but lying in bed thinking I should get up when Gizmo (my gorgeous black cat) jumps on my tummy. This is a real treat as it doesn’t happen often. Both my cats like to be near me but don’t actually sit on me very often. I can’t get up now can I? That would be rude! So I lie still and take in my surroundings.
Gizmo feels soft and fluffy, he purrs when I stroke him and he smells a bit fusty. He feels a bit damp and I find a leaf in his fur from where he has been outside. He licks my hand. His tongue feels both rough and smooth, which I find odd. He starts to nibble my finger. Gently at first, then a bit too hard. Ouch! I move my hand away. He purrs again.
My tummy gurgles. Must be nearly breakfast time.
Outside is very quiet apart from the hum of distant traffic. I can’t hear any birds singing. Maybe it is snowing? The forecast said it might. But the curtains are drawn so I can’t see. I hear a plane flying over. I wonder where it it’s going.
My body is warm and toasty under the duvet but my shoulders feel a draught over them.
I hear the boiler fire up and the familiar ‘whoosh’ as the heating comes on.
I think I really should get up. But maybe just five more minutes……….