Joy Meakin via facebook

Day 16 Story time ( I’m back, waving madly!)

So this morning we overlay. Not that it matters. After 40 several years of getting up at 6 o clock, once we had both retired it didn’t take long for me and him to slip into the routine of a cup of tea in bed at 8 give or take 5 minutes. So shock horror when I looked through one eye at the clock and it was 8.45! My turn to make the tea. Blurry eyed I wandered to the kitchen, but on my way noticed something sticking through the front door letter box. Not ANOTHER charity bag. How many old clothes they think we have? Half asleep I began to tug it through. Stuck. Two hands. Nope! Not a charity bag then. Brain is now beginning to wake up. Must find key to unlock door. Must turn off alarm before going to find key to unlock door. Mission accomplished now have to pull bag out of letter box from outside.
It is a small plastic bag containing…what? I take it into the kitchen and start to make the tea as it is now nearly 9. While the kettle is hotting up, I peek inside. I’m puzzled. There is no card. so where has it come from? The bag is from a shop in Ashbourne. I don’t know anyone in Ashbourne! At last the brain gets into gear and I find myself smiling at my lovely gift. How kind and thoughtful and a nice surprise even if it wasn’t necessary. It certainly made my day! Just a shame it was the one day we overlay and I didn’t get to thank the gift bearer personally. 🙂