Joy Meakin via facebook

My poetry writing is always simplistic, bit like me. But I like to try to find a bit of humour too. So here goes.

My Guardian Angel

From my very first breathe
To her very last
She was there, nurturing, guarding, guiding
Time went too fast.
And always asking the same old question
It’s cold! Are you wearing a vest?

Helping me through life’s traumas
Showing me everyday tasks
Being happy, being sad when I was
Hiding her sadness behind a mask.
But still had time for the question
It’s cold! Are you wearing a vest?

She held my hand in love
And I held hers at her end
Her smile, her laugh, infectious,
Always my very best friend.
And even then the same old the question
It’s cold! Are you wearing your vest?

My guardian angel will always be with me,
With my Dad and brother over the rainbow
Still guarding, guiding and caring
And there’s one thing for sure I know.
She’ll be shaking her head but no question.
Just…. It’s freezing! And you’re STILL not wearing a vest!

Forever my guardian angel and my Mum.