Joy Meakin via facebook

Day 29. Rewind. My favourite challenge was Blurb. Soooo……

Following on from the success of ‘House on The Moor” and The Silent Swing’, 64 MA are pleased to announce the publication of ‘The Family Tree’, the third of Joy Meakin’s haunting trilogy. It is now the year 2000. Molly is researching her family history after being left a strange legacy in a stranger’s will. Will ghosts from the past help Molly to discover who she really is.

The house on the moor had stood empty for many years now, apart, that is from the ghosts who silently moved through the cold decaying rooms. Outside the for sale sign had faded and the once cared for garden was overgrown. The house stood alone and still. Suddenly the silence was broken by the sound of an engine and a large black car pulled up in front of the rusting gates. Molly Earnshaw shivered as she climbed slowly from the driver’s seat. Rob came to stand beside her. “You are joking? , he said “This isn’t really it!!” Molly said nothing. She pushed the gate which to her surprise opened easily. Again Molly shivered as she looked up at house. A strange feeling washed over her. She felt like she was being watched. No not watched. Scrutinised! She turned towards Rob. ” No. No joke. This is it! This is where I’m supposed to be. ” Then she frowned and looked up at the top floor windows. ” And I’m sure I’ve been here before!”