Joy Meakin via facebook

Day 21. Take a seat. (This morning). Ok so I didn’t actually sit or I wouldn’t have been able to see out of the window! Lol. Did I stop? Well not quite. But otherwise i followed instructions. Upstairs bedroom window watching the snowfall, camera by my side. But the ironing isn’t going to do itself. So like Helen Plowman before me I listen to the steam hissing on to the creases and feel the heat rising. Looking up at the snow soon cools me down. It is snowing harder. So iron is put to one side and camera takes over. ( Not very good for getting the creases out.) Pictures below show my garden and my favourite seats, both waiting for the Spring. Makes me smile at the thought. Downstairs I can hear the whirring of the shredder. He is trying to get rid of the accumulated paperwork… again. We are decluttering…again. I can also smell coffee brewing. Another 5 minutes then. I open the wardrobe doors and drag out skirts and dresses that I haven’t worn for ages. Some go straight for recycling. Some I try, find they don’t fit and put in the charity bag. Well I would have only looked like mutton dressed as lamb anyway! Ummm what to do with 30 odd coat hangers? I look at my watch. Coffee time. Now I’ll go and sit down for 5 minutes!