josephinefhunter via instagram

I captured this view this morning with the intention of writing a story and am only just getting round to it.. Gazing out of her bedroom window, the sun hit Liza as it began to rise over a beautiful pink sky. Sitting with her tea, listening to her housemates potter around, Liza’s heart momentarily lifted. Then she remembered Pete leaving the house the night before and it sank again.
She’d known it wasn’t right from the beginning really but she’d really hoped it might be different this time. She was the only one of her friends never to have been in a ‘serious’ relationship and she really thought Pete might be the one. He just didn’t think so too. Something in the way she communicated to him just couldn’t connect. She wanted so badly to tell him how much she cared, how much she’d got out of their 3 week relationship, but she could never say. And he thought her quiet and withdrawn, when really she longed to be open and more confident.
Maybe next time she’d manage it. Maybe not. But for now the sun felt comforting, hopeful even.
#thejanuarychallenge #day16