John Munro via facebook

Challenge Day 31 – CELEBRATE
On the first of January my soul cried out,
“64 Million Artists, what’s this all about?”
2018, new year, new month, each day a task set,
Offering a colourful world via the internet.

New people, new friends, new chances for chats,
Their dreams, loves, aspirations and photos of cats,
Sharing their feelings, some funny, some sad,
All of us dealing with the good and the bad

Writing poems and blurbs, creating new games,
Renaming musicians and bands, with fish names.
Drawing and building, till your submission was RIGHT,
From 7 in the morning till very late at night.

Overcoming illness and sadness,
plus the evil Man Flu sickness
But we’d all struggle on, with no paper, pen or glue.
‘Cos, that’s how much 64MA has meant to you.

Tomorrow is February, but today is Challenge 31,
The email arrives at 7 with terabytes of fun,
Some of us will be sad and shed a wee tear,
Put our brushes, pens and sewing kit away until next year.

I hear you shout, “NO, keep them out,
That’s not what 64MA is all about”
You’re right, put down your coffee and tea,
Embrace the arts, 365, like me.

Draw a cat, bird or dog,
Paint a wood, tree or log.
Write a poem, play, or sonnet
Knit a scarf, shawl or bonnet.

Seek new groups, make new friends
Sculpt a bendy thing that bends,
Build a den, for someone wee,
Let your artistic soul, fly free.

The last Challenge is here,
Some will dance. Some will cheer
CELEBRATE with each other & those you hold dear
I hope to hear from you all, let’s not wait till next year!

Awra Best to the 64MA Family