John Munro via facebook

Challenge 18 – if I was put in here I’d like the following entertainment GAMES to occupy me:

1. Will I will I not – who’s in my WILL and who’s not ( I guess this depends on who left me here & if I liked it ) reasons and excuses written on rice paper & eaten

2. Spot the honest politician – political statements are given to you and you’ve to decide if they’re SHINE or SHITE

3. BEER BINGO – the barmaid gives you a card with different beers on it and you’ve to try and fill the card before she tells you HOUSE cos yer drunk

4. TIME CAPSULE – you have to put your phone in a safe at the venue & you get it back after 2 hours and the person with the most emails, texts, missed calls, instagrams and FB Notifications etc gets a T-shirt that says “I survived without Social Media”

5. 64MA 2019 – come up with ideas for next year and submit them to 64MA

So, which GAMES would you like to do?