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This week’s #64millionartists challenge is An Exhibition of Ourselves. You can display up to 5 items. Showcase your art or post 5 things that represent you.
I selected five things that make me ‘me’. 1. Coloring club. I started it a few years ago with my family and it still lives on. I look forwarding to sending and receiving ✉️ each month.
2. Collages. I love taking discarded magazines and transforming them into new artwork. This is one I made for my brother’s wedding gift. I made it with the intention that he and his wife can add to it through the years.
3. Adoption. This photo marks the day Q met his birth mom and sisters. It’s one of my favorite days ever. We didn’t only adopt our boys – we gained a bigger family.
4. Adventure – I love to explore the world. This was from a hike in Alaska with my brother
5. My partner in life. This guy supports my love of art, coloring, photography, basketball, tennis, travel, etc. Some he enjoys with me, other he lets me explore on my own. That is what makes him great.
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